We have had the pleasure of serving a wonderful community of patients here in Traverse City.  Many of them have been kind enough to write notes describing their experiences with our office.

You’ll find patient testimonials below, as well as links to others on websites including Google, HeathGrades and Vitals. We encourage you to follow the the links below to provide your own testimonial- this helps us to improve and also helps other patients in their search to find the right physician to meet their needs.

Our Latest Reviews

Thoughts from Dr. Leithauser’s Patients:

I just want to take a moment to comment on the care that I have received from you and your staff during he time that the Melanoma was removed from my nose and following.

I couldn’t have dreamed of care such as you and your staff have provided me during this time when I was very uncertain of the possible results of the surgery and what might have 

followed. The expertise and kindness that has been evident throughout this incident has ben more than terrific. So much so that I actually look forward to visits to your office.

Thank you for taking such good care of me. My concerns were for naught.

Chuck MacKinnon
Cedar, Michigan

I’ve had MOHS surgery with different doctors and while the corrective outcome was successful each time, the experience with Dr. Laurel Leithauser was the most reassuring and pleasant under the circumstances. My concerns were answered succinctly and with empathy. That approach has been instilled in her well trained and experienced team from reception to wound care. Quite simply, I felt like I was taken care of by family!

Love, Tom Cole

The Skin Cancer and Dermatology Center is absolutely the best. Dr Leithauser and her staff are professional, thorough, very kind and caring. I would definitely/highly recommend for any skin related treatment.

Sincerely, Edie Sorber

I was referred to Dr. Leithauser for investigation of possible Basal Cells on my face. She took tissue samples from my nose and eyelid.  She confirmed the presence of Basal Cells on my nose and scheduled time at her office for surgical removal via Moh’s Surgery. The surgery was timely and accomplished in one visit. Upon healing, people marvel at the lack of any evidence of the surgery—no scarring or side effects. Medically and cosmetically, the results are excellent.  Dr. Leithauser is our family “go-to” specialist for any skin issues. I continue yearly body scans at her office to confirm absence of any new issues. Our experience with Dr. Leithauser and her staff has been very positive in all aspects. Beyond the excellent medical care, the human experience is uniquely positive thanks to the personable nature of the doctor and her staff.

Jim Krupka

Dr. Leithauser performed Mohs surgery on my Basal Cell Carcinoma. Above all, I really appreciated how well she communicated with me. She clearly explained what her surgical plan was, let me know how things were going during the procedure, and discussed what she thought was the best option for closing the surgical site. She has a kind approach while still conveying a great deal of confidence in her abilities. Her assistants share the same type of attitude and are talented as well. Since I did not have insurance that would cover my procedure, I appreciated that the office offered cash discount on procedures. Dr. Leithauser was very accessible post-operatively when I had questions regarding my healing. On follow up visits and during my 6 month exams, she is always thorough and never seems rushed to move onto her next patient. It’s so refreshing in these days of often frustrating health care experiences. On a recent routine visit, Dr. Leithauser examined the skin around my healed Mohs surgical site and let me know that she had a brand new laser that she would like to use on the site to improve its appearance even more. I was satisfied with the original outcome, but look forward to seeing the results from the laser. I just really appreciate the pride she takes in her patients and her work. 

Sincerely, Jeff Rabidoux 

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