Exciting News!!!!

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We are excited to announce that our narrowband UVB phototherapy booth has arrived!! Although UVB rays are responsible for causing sunburn, when carefully controlled, they are extremely effective at treating inflammatory skin conditions including but not limited to psoriasis, atopic dermatitis and other types of eczema, lichen planus, contact dermatitis, etc.

UVB phototherapy is the preferred treatment choice for patients with inflammatory dermatoses that have failed to respond to topical treatments. The therapy has been used in clinics and hospitals since it was developed in the 1920s. It improves skin conditions by reducing itching and calming inflammation. It also increases vitamin D production and strengthens bacteria-fighting mechanisms in the skin.

The treatment schedule varies per patient, with skin being exposed to UVB light anything from two to five times a week over the course of 15 to 30 treatments. The exposure time may be less than one minute initially, and then is gradually increased until the skin starts to turn slightly pink but does not burn. The initial dose is chosen by one our board certified dermatologists, based on the patient’s description of how they usually tan in sunlight or on a test dose of the light that is administered. After a couple of months, a weekly treatment maintenance program is usually advised, since the skin condition can seem to have cleared for months before flaring up again.

Many of these inflammatory conditions tend to flare in the colder/winter months. If you are an individual who suffers from these inflammatory conditions, please call our office to get scheduled with one of our Physicians to get on the right treatment plan.