Dr. Leithauser offers comprehensive dermatologic care. She has a unique skill set as both a board-certified dermatologist and fellowship-trained Mohs surgeon and procedural dermatologist. She has extensive training in skin cancer diagnosis and treatment, Mohs surgery, facial reconstructive surgery as well as procedural dermatology, including a variety of cosmetic procedures.

Skin Cancer

Skin cancer and it’s treatment is Dr. Leithauser’s primary area of interest. She is skilled in all aspects of skin cancer care including:

  • Expert skin cancer diagnosis and individualized treatment plans
  • Mohs micrographic surgery 
  • Wide local excision for melanoma and some other skin cancers https://www.asds.net/Skin-Experts/Skin-Treatments/Wide-local-Excision
  • Staged excision (“slow Mohs”) for melanomas in cosmetically-sensitive areas, particularly facial melanomas
  • Facial reconstruction following skin cancer removal
  • Destructive techniques (for early/superficial skin cancers)
  • Topical treatments (for early/superficial skin cancers)
  • Field-treatment for skin cancer prevention 
Other surgical procedures:

Dr. Leithauser offers surgical removal of many benign skin lesions including:

  • cysts
  • moles
  • lipomas
  • other benign lesions
General and Medical Dermatology 

Both Dr. Leithauser and her trusted colleague, Dr. Van Vreede, are excellent dermatologists. We often recommend Dr. Van Vreede for general and medical dermatology, as Dr. Leithauser’s surgical and procedural schedule limits the time she is available for general and medical dermatologic appointments. However, if you prefer to see Dr. Leithauser, she will be happy to see you for any skin issue you may have.

Cosmetic Procedures 

Dr. Leithauser prides herself on running a “full-service” dermatology practice. To this end, she offers a wide range of cosmetic treatments, including: 

  • injectable treatments including neurotoxins (i.e. botox) and fillers
  • laser treatments
  • cosmetic surgery 
  • microneedling
  • platelet rich plasma